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Образцы для подражания7.jpg
Natalia Khlebtsevich




Якорь 1
Серия медитации12.jpg

Series "Meditation"


Series "In Focus"

Серия предварительно нанесенный красочны

paint layer" 2012

Якорь 2

“Installation is probably my favorite art form. It allows you to use a variety of components - from living plants to water, unfired clay and spotlight illumination.


This is the most difficult form to work with, because many of my installations live on their own, dying and being born again with every new exhibition. "

Якорь 3
Гистограмма плоского Толбачика10.jpg

Histogram of a flat Tolbachik

Гистограмма плоского Толбачика9.jpg

Histogram of a flat Tolbachik

When I start shaping my sculpture from clay, in most cases I only vaguely imagine what would it be looking like in the final stage. In this almost biological method, it is very important for me that the form assumes the maximum number of points of viewing and observation. Often, only by turning the sculpture over can I understand what had transpired as a result of my work. 

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