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Samples to emulate

Aggression of the victim



Fired porcelain, raw porcelain slip, fiberboard, dishwashing sponges

Installation of 9 wall panels (59 x 70 cm each) extended to the floor area approximately ​​6 square meters.

The project consists of nine panels with a display stylized after traditional fossil collections in a natural science museum. The used dishwashing sponges and other cleaning products mummified in porcelain are presented in a manner mimicking museum exhibits. Being artificial substitutes for natural sea sponges, they save the living natural sponges, but inevitably discarded, they end up in the open environment, thus becoming a harmful waste.


The extension is made of dried porcelain slip spilled on the floor in front of the collection of fossils;. It looks like chapped ground caused by draught. The remnants of both artificial and natural sponges are strewn here and there on this surface.

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