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Happy nails

Places under the sun



Installation. Porcelain, stereo sound

250 × 120 × 100 cm.

00:00 / 17:57

This work is an installation of porcelain sculptures reminding architectural objects looking either unfinished in construction or in a state of dilapidation. In some of the hollow shapes small speakers are hidden. They play real and easily recognizable sounds of human dwelling: footsteps, door squeaking, snoring, baby crying etc.


Here we see the deserted abodes inhabited only by someone’s vague memories. A search for “the place in the sun” metaphorically represented in a deliberate approximation of the archetypal shapes of lodgings, habitations or shelters. The extremely trivial sounds of mundane life contrast the emptiness of a desolated site. This is a human space, decisively unclear whether unclaimed or abandoned.

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