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Porcelain, lightbox, decal, mushrooms, raw faience

Total area: 6 sq.m.


The installation consists of free-standing light box. Passport photos, printed by decal method on semi-transparent porcelain plaques placed on top of the lighted glass. The portrayed people range from newborn to the most elderly.


The prosaic act of taking a passport or ID photo signifies a certain score mark, when an individual embarks on a next stage in his/her life. Collected in a crowd of images, these portraits, frontal and formal, create a juxtaposition of frozen moments of each person’s life with inexorable flow of common time as it shows in signs of aging.


The fragility of porcelain plaques threaded by very slim rods, made of the same material, their seemingly unstable appearance convey a human being’s vulnerability against its own future. In the moment of being photographed a person facing a camera is utterly defenseless, bound by the rigorous rules of the genre: no moving, sit up straight, look into camera. A person cannot refuse this photo-taking for the unavoidable need of creating a document (a passport or an ID) that confirms this

person’s presence in life.

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