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Between the lines

Samples to emulate


Porcelain, overglaze painting, text by Gregory Kapelyan, cockroaches


7 wall panels. 35 × 50 × 0.5 cm. each

Prepared for firing, painted with overglaze paints, the dishes happened to be left overnight in the workshop where cockroaches were found. The next morning, the painting was seriously wasted by insects (the colors were diluted with sugar syrup). In the Zen tradition, the intervention of nature in the creative process was often accepted by the artist as an aid from outside rather than a violation of a previously conceived action. So the subjectivity of art is reunited with objective reality. In the installation “Between the Lines”, a random event is repeated under deliberately inspired circumstances, the product of thinking (text) becomes a commodity of non-thinking creatures. Insects (nature, time) devour the text, but the inter-line, unsweetened meaning remains untouched.


The space between the lines symbolizes both information hidden from people, and the disbelief of an ordinary person in his own ability to judge. An interlinear void is an unspeakable essence, whether it is a white spot on the map of our worldview, or silence, the value of which is in it itself, in the impossibility and unnecessity of voicing it.

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