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Word and deed

Fresh ski track

Happy nails

Fresh ski track-01.jpg


Faience, glaze, overglaze painting


10 plates. D 26 cm.

Fresh (or should we say maiden) ski track does not just represent one of the winter sports painted by many from Bruegel to Deineka. The ceramic technique made it possible to create an unexpected image of athletes for whom there are no obstacles in their desire to win, even if instead of snow, they have to stride on unknown black substance spread in front of them.


In the era of a developed consumer society, sport is almost the only sphere of activity in which thepathos of overcoming still prevails, which previously dominated the minds of people born to make a fairy tale come true, who did not expect mercies from nature, all the way up to their eagerness to turn around the rivers’ current. Not without grotesque nostalgia, the author, in a hyperbolic scene of overcoming charcoal or ash expanses, takes us to a heroic era when nothing was impossible.

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