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sprouts on Kandinsky 074.jpg


Fireclay, raw clay, pumpkin sprouts, overglaze painting


180 × 180 × 30 cm.

The object represents a composition of four square ceramic plates in a checkered arrangement. Two of them are full of fresh potter’s clay with sprouting pumpkin seeds. The other two contain glazed ceramic tiles with drawings of pumpkin seeds painted over the glaze in the traditional technique.


In the process of the exhibition the plants change in dimension. As the surface of the clay dries it becomes covered with a grid of cracks. The original “picture” is transformed without the participation of the artist. At a certain point the actual state of the living plants corresponds to the drawing of the plants, fixating reality for a short period of time. Being independent of outside influence, the moment of fixation is impossible to calculate. The final stage of the exhibition shows the self-destruction of a work with “living” elements, as the clay naturally dries and kills the sprouts.


Moist clay is a substance within which living matter evolves. Fired clay is static, conservative. The firing is an act that reflects the dying of a living substance and at the same time the birth of a ceramic work of art. Transformation, which is the transition from one state of the clay into another, also expresses the transition from living to non-living nature. The idea of transitional phases expressed by this work is exemplified in the contrast between clay as an environment that gives life and then takes life from plants, and clay as a stable surface for the representation of the image of the plant.

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