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Biographical data

Light installations


Faience, decal, water


2 boxes, 100 × 100 × 18 cm.

The installation consists of shallow water tanks where a number of faïence tablets are submerged. The tablets bear the photocopies of authentic documents from different times and countries. The stationary tranquility of the composition is punctuated by the occasional drops of water from above. The faïence sheets are extra thin which evokes the association with paper as the primary means of documentation and preservation of human data, the material entrusted by people as the keeper of their memory.


Paper is flammable. Clay, on the contrary, is preserved by flame. Water is the opposite of fire, paper is destined to be a document, clay embodies paper resistance to fire, and water makes the fire impossible to start.


Documents, such as ID cards, and passports are the testimonies about human beings and their flight from unavoidability of oblivion. Lives lived and absorbed into the sands washed by the sea of historical necessities, bringing ashore the flotsam of human condition.

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