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Fascination of Evil



Porcelain tiles, glaze,

petri dishes, tree


12 wall panels, 80 × 80 × 10 cm. each

The specimens of mold as seen under microscope inspired these ceramic images. The artist recreates the process of growing mold in the interaction of glazes. As it turned out, the behavior of the minerals during firing was visually similar to the interplay of the organic pigments in humid setting of the areas colonized by mold. The word “mold” does not stir up positive emotions. Mold is capable of settling on any surface, transforming it into itself. And the surface is readily celebrates its own demise with festive colors. Mold epitomizes the ideal subjugator who doesn’t know the limits to its aggression. However, the photo images of it, if we don’t know what we are looking at, can easily satisfy the regimen of our esthetic gratifications.

Esthetics in its primary definition has no moral motives. The ability of perceptual estrangement allows us to marvel the spectacles without references to their true origins. Leni Riefenstahl claimed her main theme was not propaganda, but mostly the admiration of human body and the choreography of mass processions. When we repeat the mantra of “beauty will save the world” we have to be aware that Beauty is an equal opportunity agent at anyone’s disposal.

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